The Ticktocker Experience

During the developmental and formative years between 7th and 12th grade, Ticktockers absorb the standards and ideals that generations hold to be important and worthy of preservation. The Ticktocker experience is designed to be a small group leadership program that provides opportunities for each developing young woman to know the joy of helping others, to learn tolerance and kindness, to mature and build confidence and to make friends while sharing and participating in these activities in a safe and comfortable age appropriate environment.

The Patroness Experience

The joy of working alongside our daughters as their perspectives broaden about the world around them. And the satisfaction of working with other talented women to help our Chapter thrive.

New Canaan Chapter Meetings & Events

Monthly Meetings

The New Canaan Chapter holds monthly meetings, from September to June.  Some meetings are joint meetings with both Patronesses and Ticktockers, and some are only for Patronesses.  At these meetings, there is usually an education component.  These might include topics from preparing for the college application process to art appreciation.  Patronesses are required to attend at least 5 meetings per year.  Ticktockers have monthly class meetings from September – June, and are required to attend at least 6 of these meetings.

Philanthropy Fair

The New Canaan Chapter holds a Philanthropy Fair in which members can learn about volunteer opportunities at each of the philanthropies that we support.  A great way to to learn more about the philanthropies and get involved!

Holiday Social

Our holiday social is held every December.  All classes of the chapter come together to celebrate the season with a focus on giving back to our community.  Every year Ticktockers put together special holiday bags to benefit teen girls and boys for a selected charity organization.

Mother-Daughter Tea

An annual event that everyone looks forward to!  The Mother-Daughter Tea is a wonderful event that every member is required to attend.  It is a great opportunity for the girls to spend time with members from other classes in a fun, yet formal environment.  We focus on the etiquette of formal dining and socialization, and it even includes a fashion show that our seniors have the opportunity to participate in!

End of Year Celebration 

In the Spring, we celebrate our members and all the giving hours that our chapter has accomplished.  It is a time to look at what we have achieved in the last year, followed by an awards ceremony.  It is a time to thank our board members for their year of service, and welcome the new board in.

Senior Recognition Luncheon

The Senior Recognition Luncheon takes place late April at a local country club.  Seniors and their mothers, along with current board members, are invited to attend. The seniors are honored at this event for their past SIX years of service.

Pool Parties

As the school year winds down, each class holds a fun, casual pool party. It is the last event before the summer, until our meetings start up in September again.

Philanthropy Fair

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Holiday Party


Mother-Daughter Tea



Celebration Dinner

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End of Year Pool Parties